Wednesday, December 2, 2015


12/01 - Wolf Eyes, Traag, Private Dancer @ Marble Bar, Detroit
12/02 - Rocket From The Tombs (OH) @ The Pike Room, Pontiac
12/03 - Girlyboi (UK), Gosh Pith, James Cooper, DJ Ryan Spencer @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/03 - Ph├Ędre (CANADA), Scott Hardware (CANADA), Coyote Clean Up @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck
12/03 - Twitching Tongues (CA), Homewrecker (OH), Malice At The Palace (FL), Spitback @ Majestic Cafe, Detroit
12/03 - Young Punk, Pastel Arsenal, Nuntheless, Telephon9 @ The New Way Bar, Ferndale

12/04 - Ritual Howls, Human Skull, Spelling, DJ Charles Trees, DJ Ryan Spencer, DJ Dick Jones @ Arbor, Vitae, Ann Arbor
12/04 - Running (IL), K9 Sniffies, Decisions @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/04 - Modern Convenience (TN), Black Monuments, Primitiv Parts, Crazy Toy @ The Painted Lady, Hamtramck
12/04 - Hero Jr., Go Tiger, Go, Two Cheers, Six And The Sevens @ Lager House, Detroit

12/05 - Kyle Landstra (IL), Gardener (IL), Theodore Schafer & John Daniel @ Arbor Vitae, Ann Arbor
12/05 - The Mutant League (OH), Forget It (OH), Eyesore, Failed @ The Precinct, Detroit
12/05 - Mountains And Rainbows, Dear Darkness, Sex Police @ Lager House, Detroit
12/05 - Duane: The Brand New Dog, Lt. Bad, Jack & The Bear @ UFO Factory, Detroit

12/06 - Perfect Pussy (NY), Fielded (NY) @ Majestic Cafe, Detroit
12/07 - Human Skull, Bison Machine @ 8 Ball, Ann Arbor FREE
12/07 - Brahja Waldman (NY), Piotr Michalowski & Nathan Smith, Ocean Floor Trifecta @ Lo & Behold!, Hamtramck

12/08 - Sleater-Kinney (WA), Waxahatchee (NY) @ Royal Oak Music Theater, Royal Oak
12/09 - GAG (WA), Freedom, Spiked Collar, Eyesore @ The Sanctuary, Detroit
12/10 - Death In June (UK), Joy Of Life (UK), Spiritual Front (ITALY) @ Small's, Hamtramck
12/11 - Mexican Knives, Sros Lords, Vnesswolfchild, Pancho Villa's Skull, Matt Wixon's Flying Circus, Andru Bemis, CutTime Simfonica @ Trumbullplex, Detroit
12/11 - FUND RAISER: Detroit Pleasure Society, Rollie Tussing @ Lo & Behold!, Hamtramck
12/11 - Holiday Extravaganza Sing-Along with short xmas sets by...Deadbeat Beat, Stef, Loretta Lucas, Marcie Bolan, Anna Burch, Lefty & Poncho, Missionary, Marco Polio, Etc... @ Marble Bar, Detroit

12/12 - ACxDC (CA), Sunlight's Bane, Dead Church, Eyesore @ Sanctuary, Detroit
12/12 - Growwing Pains, The Vonneguts, Stellar Clouds, Crazy Toy @ Elijah's, Hamtramck
12/12 - Melvin Davis And Tradition, 3FT, Junk Food Junkies, Mega Powers @ Lager House, Detroit

12/13 - Drew McDowall (NY), Andrew Coltrane, Exhumed Corpse, Traag, DJ The Creodes @ Marble Bar, Detroit
12/15 - All Them Witches (TN). New Madrid (GA) @ Marble Bar, Detroit
12/17 - SOMETHING COLD @ UFO Factory, Detroit FREE

12/18 - Failed Flowers, Mountains And Rainbows, Haunted, Growwing Pains @ Marble Bar, Detroit
12/18 - Feelings, Diamond Hens, Reelers, AM People @ UFO Factory, Detroit

12/18 - Cold As Life, Freedom, Aztek The Barfly, Poison Tongues @ Corktown Tavern, Detroit
12/18 - Haunted House, Missionary, Chin Tiki @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck
12/18 - Doc Waffles, 696 Blues Band, Ice Cold Crissy, Amanda LeClaire, Pierrot Assassin De Sa Femme @ Detroit Puppet Theater, Detroit

12/19 - Tony Valla And The Alamos, The Britemores @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/19 - HAUTE TO DEATH @ Temple Bar, Detroit

12/19 - Mexican Knives, Eyesore, Marital Vows, Nice Hooves, Golden Torso, Old Gods, Reverend, The Armed, Clear Soul Forces, Nolan The Ninja, SSS, Etc... @ Tires, Detroit
12/19 - Cold As Life, Pure Bastard Extract, Bad Assets, The Gutter Gouls @ Corktown Tavern, Detroit
12/20 - Fred Thomas, El Dee, Anna Burch, Ohtis @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/20 - PRC, Brothels, K9 Sniffies @ Donovans, Detroit
12/21 - Jaye Jayle (KY), Jeremy Waun @ My Dad's Bar, Detroit
12/22 - Nate Young, 696 Blues Band, YOU., Something Cold DJ's @ Marble Bar, Detroit
12/22 - Double Winter, Izzy Johnson @ 1528 Gratiot, Detroit
12/22 - Exhumed Corpse, Watabou, Crime Victims, Battery Acid, Matilda @ Club Above, Ann Arbor
12/23 - PRODUKT313 @ UFO Factory, Detroit FREE

12/26 - Arthur Colvin @ Stormy Records, Dearborn FREE 2pm
12/26 - Deadbeat Beat, Casual Sweetheart, Craig Brown Band @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/26 - Kevin Boyer, Turn To Crime, Paint Thinner @ Jumbo's, Detroit FREE

12/27 - Billowing, Haunted, Wooden Highway, Dominic Coppola @ The Getup Vintage, Ann Arbor
12/27 - Moonwalks, Crazy Toy, Babes On Campau DJ's @ Lo & Behold!, Hamtramck
12/28 - LXV (PA), Forest Management (OH), Traag, Cobo, Creode @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck
12/29 - Mittenfest Day 1: Fred Thomas, Frontier Ruckus, Matt Jones, Emily Jane Powers, Loose Teeth, Patrick Elkins, Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful @ Bona Sera, Ypsilanti
12/30 - Mittenfest Day 2: Bonny Doon, Loretta Lucas, Best Exes, Minihorse, Britney Stoney, Ian Link, Willa Rae & The Minor Arcana @ Bona Sera, Ypsilanti
12/31 - Mittenfest Day 3: Dead Kind (Deadbeat Beat + Rebel Kind), Growwing Pains, The Kickstand Band, Stef Chura, Spelling, Annie Palmer, Tanager @ Bona Sera, Ypsilanti 

12/31 - Attention Span, The Krabs, Negative Front, Thurston Moore Ian Stuart Fistfight Experience, Suzies @ The Firehouse Artspace, Grand Rapids
12/31 - Ritual Howls, BMG, MGUN, Charles Trees, Ryan Spencer @ Marble Bar, Detroit
12/31 - Moon Pool And Dead Band, Haunted, Fred Thomas, YOU., Crim, DJ Justin Carver, DJ's Nelly Birdwell & Erin Smart @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/31 - HAUTE TO DEATH: New Years Eve Edition wsg/Flint Eastwood @ Elizabeth Theater, Detroit
12/31 - Prude Boys, The Potions, Primitiv Parts, Caveman Woodman & Cro-Maliszewski @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck
12/31 - Way Out (RI), Cheapshow, Handwringer @ The Sanctuary, Detroit

the jist...

This website serves as a vehicle for my upcoming shows list that I used to post weekly on Facebook and currently send out every Monday in a email. Starting in January of 2016 I will stop with the weekly emails and just switch over to updating this website very frequently. Any time I hear of a upcoming show or change to a show I will update the list.

The way I do the list on VLV is that every time I add to/update the list the changes will be in bold. But like I said this website will be updated often so the changes might happen real fast. I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for upcoming shows to add to the list but I definitely miss some. If you have a upcoming show or notice something missing or wrong please send me a email at and I'll do my best to update ASAP.

Thank you for visiting the website.

xo/Josh Patrick Quinn