Friday, November 30, 2018

So long, and thanks for all the gigs...DECEMBER 2018

alright we've reached the last month of coolgigalert. only 31 days until i'm officially done. sorry it's suffered so much the last couple months. i miss out on a ton of events not being on facebook anymore. thanks again to anyone who's shared the link, shot me a message with something to list or talked to me at one of the handful of gigs i actually went to. 

"See you in another life brotha" - Desmond Hume

12/01 - Cult Leader (UT), God Mother (SWEDEN), Primitive Weapons (NY), Dead Hour Noise, Deeper Graves @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/01 - The Hentchmen, Rocket 455, Vvisionss, DJ's Shadow Show @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
12/01 - Wume (MD), Pure Rave, KOLTAY @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/01 - Friends Of Dennis Wilson, The Creepos, Unsound @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck
12/01 - minihorse, Dogleg, Bars Of Gold @ Blind Pig, Ann Arbor 
12/01 - The Blow (NY), Petra Glynt (CANADA) @ Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids
12/02 - Throwaway, Bave, A Rare Fish @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/04 - Rattle (UK), Preoccupations (CANADA), Protomartyr @ Blind Pig, Ann Arbor
12/05 - Snail Mail (MD), Why Bonnie (TX) @ Deluxx Fluxx, Detroit SOLD OUT
12/06 - Ryley Walker (IL) @ El Club, Detroit 
12/07 - Hive Mind (CA), Leather Bath (CA), Viands, Serration, Grim Victims @ Trinosophes, Detroit
12/07 - Littlefoot (MA), Kathy Snax (MA), Yowes O'Gowrie, Remnose, DJ Greg Baise @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
12/07 - KRAMPUS FEST III: The Arsonist Choir, Labour Day Weekend, Complainer, My Drowning Youth, Carmel Liburdi, Chase Dxpe @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck
12/08 - Asphyxiate (IN), Shroud, Sekkusu @ Kelly's Bar, Hamtramck
12/08 - City Of Djinn (IL), Porcelain Hammer, Chatoyant @ Entropy Stereo, Redford
12/08 - CJS, XV, Red Feather @ UFO Factory, Detroit 
12/08 - KRAMPUS FEST III: Will Wood (NJ), Fishgutzzz And The Stinkin' Orchestra, Pancho Villas Skull, The Picasso's, Bingo Mama, The Reckless Scamps @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/08 - Buxton (TX), Loose Koozies, Virga @ Ziggy's, Ypsilanti
12/12 - The Muckers (NY), Shadow Show, Moonwalks @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/12 - Carousel Kings (PA), Splitters, Make Your Move, Fit The Bill @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/12 - Sara Marie Barron, Britney Stoney, Cousin Mouth @ Blind Pig, Ann Arbor 
12/13 - Crawl (TX), Haunter (TX), Fell Ruin, The Watchers @ Cellarmen's, Hazel Park 
12/13 - Sonny Falls (IL), Primitiv Parts, The Stools @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/13 - Stuyedeyed, Prude Boys, Satin Stone @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit 
12/13 - Ramona (PA), SteveO & The Crippling Addictions (PA), Full Monty, Touch The Clouds @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/14 - Crazy Doberman (IN/MI) @ Satellite Records, Kalamazoo 4PM FREE
12/14 - PSY JAZZ: Crazy Doberman (IN/MI), Mark Morgan (NY), Geraniums, DJ ERL @ Trixie's Bar, Hamtramck
12/14 - Shortly, Dogleg, Vagabonds, Formerly Bodies, Ness Lake @ The Loving Touch, Ferndale
12/14 - Car Crash Jake (OH), The Picassos, Drugs In The Carpet, The Thoughtlife, Day Sleeper, American Trend, The Scapes, Ricochet The Kid, All Of The Above, Two Way Petting Zoo @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/15 - Ex-American, Pet Psychic, Nathan Clay J @ Donovan's Pub, Detroit
12/15 - Crazy Doberman (IN/MI), Crime Victims @ Top Shelf, Ypsilanti
12/16 - Bird Streets (NY), Ryan Allen And His Extra Arms, Chris Richards And The Subtractions @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
12/19 - Magnitude (NC), Invoke (NC), Never Ending Game, Motor City Madness @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/20 - SOMETHING COLD @ UFO Factory, Detroit FREE
12/21 - Double Winter, Career Club, Soviet Girls, DJ Jam Jam Striker @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
12/21 - The Kickstand Band, Bars Of Gold @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/21 - All Seeing Eyes (KY), Les Strychnine (IL) @ UFO Factory, Detroit
12/22 - Container (RI), Cy Tulip, Pure Rave, Radio Brovold, Adult Contemporary DJ's @ Donovan's Pub, Detroit 
12/22 - Helpless Hearts, Ogemaw County, From Hell To Texas @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/22 - Counter Cosby, Zzvava, The Lucid Furs, The Loveseats @ Blind Pig, Ann Arbor 
12/28 - Wyndup Kid (NJ), Space Trash, Labour Day Weekend, Taurus Moon @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/28 - Bear Vs Shark, Mover Shaker, Bong Mountain @ El Club, Detroit 
12/29 - MIL-SPEC (CANADA), Trail Of Lies (NY), Vortex (IL), Freedom, Never Ending Game @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
12/29 - BLACK CHRISTMAS: The Lillingtons (WY), Easy Action, Suicide Machines, Gangster Fun, Mustard Plug, The Goddamn Gallows @ The Majestic Complex, Detroit
12/30 - For We Are Many (UK), So Called Ghost, The Thoughtlife @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 


01/04 - A Deer A Horse (NY), Reverend, The Savage Seven, Them Teeth @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
01/04 - Werewolf Jones @ Phoney Island, Detroit
01/05 - Jemmi Hazeman,  The Pontiac Stags,  Just Guys Being Dudes @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
01/06 - Not My Weekend (WY), Normal, Vena Morris, It's Not You It's Me @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
01/11 - Revenge Season (GA), Thirty Nights Of Violence (TN), Hanging Fortress (OH), Dog Years, Wounded Touch @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
01/12 - minihorse, The High Strung, Ohio Wild, Ronnie Tibbs @ UFO Factory, Detroit
01/12 - OIGS FEST III: Against The Grain, Dagon, Centenary, Throne, Anvil Crawler, Wizard Union, Dasterds, The Holy Warheads, Dead Daughters, Locust Point, Tomb Of Teeth @ Mac's Bar, Lansing
01/13 - Sheer Terror (NY), Yesterday's Youth (OH), Never Ending Game, Postal, Blue Collar Stompers @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck
01/18 - Grails (OR), Helen Money (CA) @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
01/20 - Rarity (PA), Heavy Hearts (CANADA), Gold Route, Common Ground, Lake Effect @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
01/23 - The Lemon Twigs (NY), Jackie Cohen (CA) @ El Club, Detroit
01/25 - Stonefield (AUSTRALIA), King Tuff (VT) @ Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids 
01/27 - The Soft Moon (CA), HIDE (IL), Lingua Ignota (RI) @ El Club, Detroit 
01/31 - John Maus (MN) @ El Club, Detroit

02/02 - Fuck You, Pay Me (OH), MRSA, Busby's Death Chair, U.D.I., Stacked Deck @ The Sanctuary, Hamtramck 
02/11 - Boy Harsher (MA), NGHTCRWLR (CA) @ El Club, Detroit
02/16 - Gang Of Four (UK) @ El Club, Detroit
02/19 - Deerhunter (GA), Mary Lattimore (CA) @ El Club, Detroit
02/20 - Royal Trux (DC) @ El Club, Detroit
02/21 - Cherry Glazerr (CA) @ El Club, Detroit
02/26 - The Chills (NEW ZEALAND) @ Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit
02/27 - Julia Holter (CA), Jessica Moss (CANADA) @ El Club, Detroit 

03/07 - Teenage Fanclub (UK), The Love Language (NC) @ El Club, Detroit
03/08 - Body/Head (NY), Mark Morgan (NY), Viki Viktoria @ MOCAD, Detroit 
03/09 - Daughters (RI), Blanck Mass (UK) @ The Loving Touch, Ferndale
03/11 - The Flesh Eaters (CA) @ Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids 
03/12 - The Flesh Eaters (CA) @ El Club, Detroit 
03/29 - Viagra Boys (SWEDEN) @ El Club, Detroit

04/10 - Spiritualized (UK) @ Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak
04/11 - The Coathangers (GA) @ El Club, Detroit
04/19 - Hatchie (AUSTRALIA), Girlpool (CA) @ Blind Pig, Ann Arbor  
04/26 - Black Lips (GA) @ The Loving Touch, Ferndale